Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Good Night Moon: An adult bedtime story(ish)

I'm home for a few days before the big move, and I've decided to clean out my closet at my parents' house. My bedroom has a lot of history. My brother and sisters have all shared this room with me or each other at one point or other while we were growing up before it officially became my room. As a result, even after moving out everyone seemed to have a claim to the closet and it became kind of a black hole for all the unwanted junk in our household. Now I get to clean it out. Besides all the random appliances, maps and globe, tape recorder, bags, and roller blades I've found so far, I realized I'm shedding a lot of my past history tonight. So to commemorate here's

A Conversation with a Closet

Good-bye first skirt I picked out myself. With you came the beginning of the end of an awkward period in middle school where the only items rotating through my wardrobe were two pairs of jeans and oversized turtlenecks that my brother had rejected.

Good-bye mint green and powder blue everything. You carried me through high school and most of college, but time has taught me that we don't bring out the best in each other.

Good-bye sparkly red built-in-bra tank top, you were with me through many an awkward frat party.

Good-bye overly trendy tops from studying abroad that I never really wore again.

Good-bye fluorescent blue clam diggers, we had some good times but they are definitely over.

You can stay rhinestoned Sagittarius T-shirt that's way too small for me. You too giant red sweatshirt that I got compliments on in middle school.

Good-bye size small and x-small. Let's be honest, there was never really a chance we'd get back together.

Good-bye counterfeit Polo shirt I bought in the Philippines. I'm not sure why I thought a fake one would be a good addition to my wardrobe when I never wanted a real one. In that vein, good-bye Havanas flip-flops and Couch bag.

Good-bye belt that loops around twice. I never really figured out how to wear you.

Good-bye godawful jeans, how could I have worn you in public?

Good-bye overalls and linty shawls. Good-bye torn and overly worn. Good-bye studded belts and whatever else. Good-bye clothes I never wear and good night clothing everywhere.

The end:).