Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Location, Location, Location

Two Part Post-

Part I: a haiku

On Oatmeal

In bowl so yummy
A glob falls on work report
Suddenly so gross

I had oatmeal today, and it made me think about how location can be important to perceived worth. Something might be part of a delicious breakfast, and a mere two inches away become slimy garbage that stains your papers right before a meeting.

Part II: departures and arrivals

I'm in the denouement of my time here in NYC, and I'm starting to feel more poetic about everything. I've decided to start filming and posting all my trip departures and arrivals. Cheesy I know, but whatever, I like the way it looks. I wish I'd started earlier because I would have a pretty good collection. For now, a trip often travelled over the past few years:

Here's me leaving western Mass.

And here's me coming to NYC (I exercised creative use of the zoom so get excited.)

Here's one more of coming to NYC just for kicks.

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