Monday, August 04, 2008

I forgot

to mention the best part about my successful bubble tea experience from last week (see previous post). Upon completion of my drink, I realized I had to call my college roommate who introduced me to bubble tea and is the only individual to ever try to help me overcome the flaws in my bubble tea consumption. We're good friends but we don't get to chat much because she's busy with medical school on the west coast. Anyway, as I'm picking up my cell phone to call her to let her know her support was not in vain, I notice my phone is blinking because someone is calling me, and of course it's my college roommate just randomly calling to keep in touch!

I'm not a phone person, so I didn't answer right away. I called her back after listening to her voicemail and we had a good talk. It's so weird how often it happens that you're just thinking about someone, and then randomly cross paths with them.

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