Sunday, August 03, 2008

I'm into listing things these days.

I just realized I had a pretty good week last week. Here's a list of the highlights:

1. One morning, I scored over 1000 points playing Parachute on my Ipod. I was only shooting for 100+ points, but I think the game malfunctioned cause they stopped dropping parachuters on me. I just kept shooting those helicopters, so I count it as a win. I like to pretend the helicopters are rats and the parachuters are spiders.

2. I got a bubble tea and for the first time ever, I finished the boba at the exact same time as I finished the tea. Normally I drink all the tea before I realize what I'm doing, and end up with a ton of inaccessible, delicious-looking boba at the bottom.

3. My lab presented at ICAD with exciting results. I didn't get to go but I helped with two posters and my supervisor was only supposed to show them for half an hour each and he ended up staying for four hours for each because there was so much interest. It was pretty amazing to see all the work from the past two years summarized on a poster, but I don't feel like going into that right now. I will say that when my PI was showing one of the posters to the clinic girls I got so excited I clapped by accident.

4. My PI was taped for the 'marketwatch' section of the Wall Street Journal online, and I'm in the background which gave me something to tell my parents about. Check it out:
Me me me me me
I show up somewhere between 2 min and 50 seconds and 3 minutes and 11 seconds. I was fairly taken to task by my lab friends for not wearing gloves, but to be honest I wasn't really working.

I should really go work on my secondaries...(this is how I seem to end all my posts).

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