Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Dream for a Dollar

My coworker and I went and bought lottery tickets today, it's up to $370 million or something right now. Daydreaming about what you would do with that much money (or half that much) is fun. Unexpected result though, I'm actually pretty happy with my life as it is. Very happy: when I really am honest with myself about what I would do if tonight I won a ton of money, there's not much I would do differently than I'm doing now. All the things I really want but am not sure I'll be able to achieve, I couldn't buy with money anyway (like fulfillment and a happy, healthy family). At any rate, thinking it over made me feel like I was doing pretty well for myself, so, thanks New York Megamillions, I'll stop complaining so much.

Here's my plan for if I win:

So, let's say, after taxes and other people's collecting their winnings you get $90 million.

I would set aside $3 million each for my sisters in some kind of trust fund deal, and give my brother $3 million up front to do whatever he wants with (he has a family now). Then I would also give my parents $9 or 10 million to do whatever they want with.

I would donate money for more programming in schools, I'm not sure what yet, but I would probably donate to LHS music since I really felt like it helped me out and maybe something for programming to encourage students to push ahead more. I know people might argue with me, and all this talk about genius kids not being pushed enough in public schools is annoying, but I do think it would be worthwhile to make kids feel like school is worth their time. Also, I would fund more bilingual education programs. I would also probably donate to st. jude's children's hospital in my mom's name since she donates a lot to them already. Then I would probably make a donation in my dad's name too.

I would invest a bunch of it in things like bonds and set aside a couple million in a high interest savings account for myself.

I would buy an apartment building somewhere that my friends and I could live in rent free and make look nice and then later if I don't want it anymore I could just sell it for a profit.

Then I would keep working at my current job until next february , and then try to get a science writing internship next spring like I want to do anyway. Then, hopefully after getting into med school I would travel the hell out of summer 2008. Then I would go to med school without having to worry about acquiring lots of debt.

And I would buy myself new glasses and a nice laptop because I need them. I'll probably buy myself new glasses anyway, and actually I bought a refurbished desktop yesterday because I really need a computer, so I guess I don't really need a nice laptop. I'm excited to get my new computer, it's coming this week! Then I'll have a computer in my apartment too and maybe I'll blog more!

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Kathleen said...

oh my god... i did the same thing last weekend and rebecca and chris made fun of me for planning out how i would spend my 276 million...

Katie Boggs